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Would You Like to:

  • Become a Student at a German University?
  • Take up a New Job in Germany?
  • Settle Down in Germany?
  • Manage Your Everyday Life All on Your Own?

We will help you to fulfill the language requirements in German and improve your language skills in an efficient and time-effective way.

Whatever level you need to achieve we will help you to reach the required language skills in the shortest time.

The main focus in our courses is the correct use of the German language and to enable our students to communicate fluently.

With our range of intensive courses we cover every level from total beginner up to C1 (click here for more information on the CEFR), which you need in order to successfully pass the DSH 2 Test - especially important for foreign students.

Intensive learning


A1 - B2

Our courses from A1 to B2 consist of 150 teaching units (1 teaching unit = 45 minutes). You will have 4 teaching units class attendance plus an additional 1-2 hours of monitored blended learning a day from Mondays to Fridays.


Our C1-courses comprise 200 teaching units (1 teaching unit = 45 minutes), in compliance with the new university requirements.

In our intensive courses you will

  • get an extensive overview of German grammar together with a diverse vocabulary
  • learn with a modern interactive and communicative teaching method
  • have an introduction and insight into German customs and etiquette
  • go on small excursions to nearby markets and stores etc. (A1-B1 Levels)

DSH - German Proficiency Test for the Admission to German Universities


If you think of studying at a German university but do not come from a German speaking country, the German university will ask you to take a DSH test.

The DSH is a university language exam which certifies the existence of a German language proficiency sufficient for taking up studies in that language.

This is a mandatory language test and only those who pass this test will finally be accepted by the university.

Only universities can offer this test.

To apply for taking the DSH-Test students have to show a certificate of having successfully reached the C1 Level of German (click here for more information on the CEFR).

Let us help you on your route to a successful DSH test result.



In this course our students will deal with doctor-patient consultations, writing medical reports, etc. and as well understanding patients who do not primarily speak Standard German Participants should have at least passed their B2 German Level before applying fort his course.


  • intensifying medical vocabulary
  • introduction of the German hospital structure
  • the German health system
  • patient consultations: anamnesis, examination, consultation und health education
  • writing reports
  • preparation for the Telc-Test für Ärzte